Improve Productivity

and increase flexibility/reduce project costs

IT application development managers have many challenges.  Many Legacy development groups have a backlog of changes that the business wants implemented, but it can be difficult to free the right resources to get the projects done.  SME’s are always in demand and they never seem to have enough time to provide understanding to all of the projects that need completed.

Wouldn’t it be great if your whole team could easily understand any aspect of the Legacy system with the same speed and precision that your most experienced developer / analysts can?    CM evolveIT provides on-demand documentation that allows each analyst to zoom in and out of the details of a system to complete the project scoping, impact analysis, design and documentation in 50% less time than traditional approaches.

CM evolveIT enables analysts to get up to speed on an application 70-80% faster than scanning and reading source code.  Think of all of the time your analysts spend filtering out the false-hits in their scan results. Your project agility will sky-rocket with the ability to cross-train your analysts and stop worrying if a certain specialist will be available in time to start the next project.

Analysis on the mainframe is inefficient. The documentation is out of date or non-existent and the tools your people are using were designed decades ago to scan the vast pile of source code text to find “possible” matches. Unfortunately, analysis is rarely that straight forward as one answer usually leads to another question, another scan.

With CM evolveIT, the information has already been captured, saved and documented. Your analysts can now step through a focused analysis path to get the exact formation they need from any starting point digging into the details within minutes. As a result, even your most senior analysts are spending 80% or more of their time researching, collating and presenting information and only 20% on the project itself. With CM evolveIT, your analysts can now spend 80% of the time they used to spend doing analysis on the important tasks: writing code, testing, supporting users…

What happens when you ask for an analyst to scope a project?  They scan for key relationships, find the related copybooks and try to come up with a set of components that are affected.  Then they come up with an estimate.  Before you get the scope estimate, they have doubled or tripled the initial estimate to make sure they are not wrong.  Worse yet, they give you their original estimate and the project takes 2 or 3 times longer.  The problem is, it takes too long for an analyst to get the impacts from the system to complete an accurate estimate.  Using CM evolveIT, they can actually have plenty of time to do a detailed impact analysis and get all of the impacts of change documented in the same amount of time they usually complete their scans and sort through the results.  Estimates based on an CM evolveIT documentation and impact analysis will give you the confidence to plan projects for success.


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