evolveIT Acquired by CM First Group

John Rhodes, CTO and Managing Director, CM First Group;
Randy Matthias, Managing Director, blackboxIT

June 6, 2016

Dear Valued blackboxIT Customers and Partners,

CM First Group is excited to announce the acquisition of blackBoxIT’s leading edge code analysis product, evolveIT. CM First Group is a software developer and integrator focused on modernization solutions for IBM mainframe and midrange organizations worldwide.
The addition of the evolveIT suite furthers CM First Group’s goal of providing customers with technologies that enable them to analyze, extend, and transform legacy applications running on IBM enterprise hardware. The acquisition increases the capabilities of CM First Group’s modernization practice, which serves more than 400 organizations world-wide.
We would like to assure our customers and partners that support for the evolveIT product line will be “business-as-usual”, and towards that end we have incorporated evolveIT engineering staff into the CM First organization. The support team will be extended to cover additional geographies and time zones, and customers can now interact with support by many different channels, including phone, email, mobile/web form, or chat. CM First has plans to extend evolveIT’s technical capabilities in the coming years, and we will be contacting each of you to get your feedback on product roadmap.
Please take a moment to review the FAQs below. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly, or via one of our product support channels.
We look forward to continuing to serve you in the years to come.



CTO and Managing Director, CM First Group



How do I contact support?

While the current evolveIT support telephone number and email will be operational during the transition period, we recommend contacting CM First support by one of the following methods:

How do I contact CM First?

For company inquiries, please contact John Rhodes, john.rhodes@cmfirstgroup.com, +1-512-600-1484
For general questions, you can also contact us at info@cmfirstgroup.com or via your regional office:

Where is the product documentation?

Documentation and tutorials are available at http://support.cmfirstgroup.com

How do I propose an enhancement request?

Please enter a support ticket @ http://support.cmfirstgroup.com and describe the enhancement you would like.

Are you available to assist on analysis and mass changes projects? What if I need to migrate my code to a different language or platform?

Yes we are; please contact us at info@cmfirstgroup.com or via your regional office: