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The CM evolveIT tool suit can extract and generate complete systems analysis information for your Application improvement project in a fraction of the time of  manual efforts.  Historically, the mostly manual process of analyzing large legacy systems is slow and often misses critical information.  Inaccurate or incomplete analysis can jeopardize the entire project. Missed requirements and the accompanying rework inflates timelines and project costs.

Why is improving COBOL systems so hard?
  • Sheer Size: COBOL systems of interest are enormous and complex.
  • Technology Diversity:  Most COBOL systems have multiple dialects of COBOL, database structures, on-line and batch processes, report writers, impeded third party products, etc…
  • Information spread: Layers of complexity as a result of 20+ years of code extensions resulting in dead code, redundant processes, obfuscated data, etc….
  • Data expansion and truncation rules of COBOL: COBOL’s automatic expansion/truncation rules can easily lead to data corruption.
  • Data Naming:  Field names are not always intuitively related to their contents, and working fields often have “generic” names.  Fields may be processed indirectly through COBOL Redefinitions, or Group operations, and may be passed between programs using locally meaningful (or not) but distinct names.
  • Integration: Systems of interest share data and have been extended with more modern languages i.e. Changes often have cross platform impacts.
  • Legacy System Analysis tools are inadequate: The only information legacy systems analysts have available are dusty design documents of dubious accuracy, out-of-date code documentation, and string/text based scan utility tools for hard to read/follow source code.
Modernizing Application Support with CM evolveIT

CM evolveIT works much like a compiler creating an interactive centralized model from the systems source code that brings visualization to component relationships, system structure, data dependencies and the business logic/rules embedded in the code.  Where CM evolveIT really sets itself apart is handling the variants and uniqueness found in COBOL systems and by detecting and understanding data as processed within COBOL.  CM evolveIT is unique in its ability to understand data by its offset and length and trace the impact of changing the data through its relationships and redefinition of the data in COBOL code.  CM evolveIT is superior in its ability to do impact analysis by finding data and all associated usage even when data is being changed by a different name or has been passed across program boundaries.  CM evolveIT understands the cross platform connections enabling analyst to trace a process from the web screen data was entered back through the legacy data processing and the return data to the external web system.


System Analysis is also Available as a Service from CM First

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