Automated Mass Application Change


Big jobs require big machinery. CM First’s advanced configurable compiler technologies and  programming language processors (DMS® Software Re-engineering Toolkit) can complete the desired changes with far less human effort and greater consistency.  Honed over twenty years, DMS® uses explicit, flexible code change rules that are executed repeatedly and reliably across the entire code base until all system changes are completed. Just as important, our process does not disturb your staff during most of the project.  Your team can continue to make changes to the system as dictated by the business until the mass change is ready to install.
Mass Change Projects Client Benefits
  • Field Size Expansion
  • Code Modernization
  • Language Migration
  • Green Screen to GUI
  • Architectural Shift
  • Add Data Access Layer
  • Convert to SOA
  • Solves problems and removes technical roadblocks that cannot be completed manually
  • Repeatable, testable reliable change — Automation reduces risk
  • Your development team stays focused on supporting the business
  • Makes the software more accessible to modern programmers

Why Mass Change?

Your development staff provides the creativity to point wise modify your code base to meet your day-to-day organization’s business goals. However, sometimes a massive number of changes must be made to code base to solve system wide dysfunction. Projects such as increasing a commonly used field size too small for present day needs, or architecting for SOA, implementation of a new DBMS, or integration with new technologies can require hundreds if not thousands of programs to be modified. It is hard to carry out large-scale code base changes manually in a reasonable length of time with high reliability, especially as your staff already have their hands full trying to meet direct business demands.

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