Business Rules Extraction

Are you still having your analyst search through millions of lines of source code looking for business rules? CM First brings you into the twenty-first century with its unique technology and approach. Our CM evolveIT tool identifies the specific source code paths that are relevant to the business while filtering out the non-essential information. CM First business rules extraction provides a rapid return on investment.

Leveraging the Legacy investment

Your legacy applications embody decades of unique and valuable business rules captured in the source code.  Unfortunately, finding business rules in the source code is a costly endeavor. This is especially true with COBOL systems. COBOL systems were developed with an emphasis on input and output processing considerations and not from a business process perspective. As a result, logic that supports a particular business process is spread out across the entire system, which can encompass millions of lines of source code.

CM First Approach

When documenting the business rules of an existing application in preparation for a modernization project, the user community is usually quite knowledgeable of the business process, screens, reports and data they interact with every day.  The IT application support staff is familiar with the system process.  Combining the two knowledge sources however, can be extremely difficult to isolate key elements of the business rules. This creates an unnecessary tension between the business community and IT analysts.

CM evolveIT conveniently weeds out the noise of the application code generating convenient diagrams of the resulting logic that can be effectively shared improving communication between IT and the business. CM evolveIT data alias feature adds further “business meaning” and consistency to the diagrams for even more clarity.

  • CM First’s unique technology can sort and model the entire system to “mine out” the code artifacts of value and relevant to the business rule.
  • CM evolveIT’s approach is 500-1000% faster than manual alternatives with far greater accuracy.
  • CM evolveIT unravels the legacy spaghetti code enabling customers to capture and replicate key business process.

Whether replacing the legacy system with a package application or rewriting in a more modern language, CM evolveIT will help you modernize with confidence.

  • Builds a business vocabulary.
  • Finds unknown rules implemented within the application code.
  • Rules export feature speeds up documentation process for building new requirements modernization.
  • Reduces risk with phased approach to modernization.
  • Filter non-relevant processing through the rules extraction process.
  • 100% accurate based on current system.
  • Improves communications between IT and Business Analysts for as is process.
  • Enhances new system object oriented design by isolating data objects and potential methods for new design.


Business Rules Extraction is also available as a service from CM First

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