Code Analysis and Documentation Services

Stay in control of your project and use CM First services to analyze your system’s source code in a matter of minutes.  Transferring business, system and domain knowledge to a third party vendor can be costly and time consuming. With CM First, you don’t have to because we gain our knowledge from the source code. CM First’s automated code analysis is much faster and more accurate than traditional approaches. CM First will build a custom repository of knowledge based on your specific analysis needs and load it into DB2, Access, or Excel so it can be further queried by your programmer/analysts during the project.

Example Code Analysis Reports Client Benefits
  • Data usage – Direct and Indirect
  • IMS Database locking / Contention
  • Scope identification/isolation
  • System Relationship Cross Reference Repository
  • Hard Coded values analysis
  • Interface heat map
  • Many more
  • Fast Results
  • Low Price fixed cost deliverables
  • Minimal Customer interaction needed to support service effort.
  • Retained project documentation
  • No additional tools or software required