Frequently Asked Questions

How does CM evolveIT work?

A: It is like a compiler. CM evolveIT uses proprietary parsing technology to create/update a model from the system’s source code:  Programs, Data Scheme, Batch, Online, et cetera.  CM evolveIT does more than component cross referencing; it completes a full system control flow and data impact analysis and resolves complexities like data redefines and dynamic calls.

Why do I need an automated analysis tool to tell me what the mainframe does?

A:  A tool is necessary to mitigate the risks associated with maintaining or decommissioning legacy code, to increase developer productivity, and to train new developers.   Knowing the inputs, outputs, and talking to the users is not enough.  The unique processes that run the business are in the code.

Can CM evolveIT really find the business rules buried in the code?

A:  Yes, CM evolveIT’s unique logic mining feature has the ability to final all “Code Snippet”.

Who uses CM evolveIT and for what?

A:  Anyone looking for information about applications

  • Business Analysts – Discover the logic and derive the rules that drive system processes.
  • Architects – Create design specifications, establish new development and reporting standards, understand and enhance system structure.
  • COBOL Systems SME’s – Increase throughput; automate impact analysis, data dependency tracing, investigative analysis, and creating supporting documentation.
  • Distributed Systems SME’s – Eliminate the bottleneck of waiting on documentation from the legacy group to understand the interfaces to the legacy systems as well as data flow and dependency.
  • New or Offshore Developers – Achieve independence and shorten the training and acclimation period, when beginning maintenance or enhancement of new systems.
  • QA – Understand the impact of change faster for faster construction of comprehensive regression test scripts.
Where does CM evolveIT provide the greatest value?

A:  CM evolveIT’s value can be seen in many areas like Impact Analysis, Mining Business Logic, and Developer Training.  However its value falls under three categories; Increasing Developer Productivity, Knowledge Transfer, and Mitigating the Risks associated with maintaining or decommissioning legacy systems.

Is CM evolveIT easy to learn and use?

A:  Yes, CM evolveIT is very user friendly and intuitive.  Also, to ensure a high user acceptance and adoption rate, CM First has developed a unique training approach that is personalized to each user’s role.

What makes CM evolveIT unique?

A:  CM First is not your typical product company. Comprehensive accuracy, depth of analysis, drill-down capabilities, easy to maintain and it is user friendly. Unlike others, we don’t ignore your architecture and try to force your environment into our solution.  Our tools have been implemented on over a billion lines of source code, and we can configure CM evolveIT to support your COBOL applications ensuring a complete and accurate view of your entire system within CM evolveIT.

Is it Difficult to set up?

A: No, the CM evolveIT software suite install is complete and does not require any additional software or database other than the Windows operating system.  Also, CM First will build the initial CM evolveIT database for you insuring all of the systems source code is included in the repository model.

Is it expensive?

A:  No, CM First offers a number of flexible licensing and service options to meet the customer’s budget while offering ROI in 6 months or less. CM evolveIT can be deployed as a one-time project for every analyst across the enterprise.