System Assessment

CM First’s Legacy System Assessments provides customers with many more “facts” about the system to make  informed modernization decisions.  CM evolveIT’s  automated code analysis and documentation tools allow key stakeholders the ability to understand and visualize the connections between business and IT system processes.

Modernization Planning

Whether your modernization plan is to replace a legacy system with a package, rewrite it in a modern technology, migrate it to a lower cost platform or extend existing applications with web services, CM evolveIT will provide you a complete and accurate understanding of your legacy environment to reduce the overall cost and risk of your modernization project.

CM First System Assessment Provides

Better Information for Accurately Planning and Scoping Modernization projects

  • Executive summary of technical risks & recommendations based on artifacts gathered from the code
  • System partitioning by business function for phased approach to modernization
  • Accurate system metrics: size & complexity

Documentation of Existing System Requirements for Gap Analysis, New System  Design or Business Process Change

  • Component / subsystem level relationship diagrams
  • Job flow diagrams with data input/output
  • Accurate documentation of legacy system “business logic”

Accurate Impact Analysis for Decommissioning

  • Interface map
  • Data field CRUD report
  • Key business data transformations and related governing logic


System Assessments for Modernization Planning is a Service Available from CM First


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