Legacy Decommissioning

The decommissioning of a mainframe system can be a major undertaking. The thousands of processes and years of accumulated data are the backbone of business. Missing critical system interfaces and dependencies can be disastrous when retiring a system.

CM First Relationship Map 

Unfortunately, many organizations fail to take into account the impact of downstream processes when making the transition. They fail to properly understand what processes are dependent on the data that was generated or referenced throughout the system. These oversights can bring the entire business to a standstill. The search for all the dependencies during the planning phases is extremely difficult due to limited resources and access constrains either internal or external.

With CM evolveIT, you can understand the impact of turning off system components by having a complete component connectivity and data relationship map. CM evolveIT will provide the clarity early in the modernization process preventing any oversights. You will be able to understand and visualize the connections between business and IT processes and communicate effectively with the business users prior to shutting down the mainframe applications. Done right, a mainframe modernization can dramatically reduce IT costs, free up your budget to fund new initiatives, and improve system performance and application quality. CM evolveIT can provide you with the necessary confidence to successfully tackle your next mainframe decommission project.


Impact Analysis for Legacy Decommissioning is also available as a service from CM First


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