Logic Trace

CM evolveIT’s Data/Logic Mining feature answers the questions:

  1. “How was this field populated?”
  2. “How is this field used?”
  3. “What are the source code rules that determine when processing occurs?”

Logic Trace is unique in that it helps the analysts visualize the data flow both forward and backwards along with the contributing governing logic that determines how and when.

Backward Data Path Analysis: “How was this field populated?”

When an analyst needs to understand the impact on a field and wants to know “how is this field populated?”.  This answer can take an analyst across multiple application programs searching through linkage sections to figure out how data is passed between programs with the need to identify a few statements within an ocean of source code that is relevant.  CM evolveIT automatically maps data paths so the analyst is able to literally unfold a Data/Logic Trace diagram, exploring the paths of interest.

Forward Data Path Analysis: “How is this Field used?”

 In the same way that the analyst used Data/Logic Trace to understand the Population path for a field, they can also trace the “Forward” path to understand how the field is used.  Finding all of the impacted fields and code statements without reading through all of the source code manually saves an immense amount of time.

Business Rules: “What are the source code rules that create an output on a screen, report or file?

Data/Logic Trace is the way to find the business rules enforced by COBOL code. There is rarely a direct relationship between a rule stated in business terms and any specific pieces of code. Logic Mining will guide analysts through finding, interpreting, describing and modeling the abstracted business rules so that they can be re-used in any environment. Logic Mining with CM evolveIT’s capability to import “Business Terminology”  helps you produce re-useable rules that have real business meaning from your existing systems.


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