CM evolveIT


The CM evolveIT product suite contains a complete set of tools for analyzing and documenting legacy applications.  Because CM evolveIT models every aspect of an IT system from the screens that users see down to the manipulation of individual data items deep inside programs, it provides 100% accuracy in a fraction of the time of traditional Mainframe Scan tools.
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CM evolveIT is unique in its ability to analyze even the largest and most complex systems. How good is the tool if you can’t rely on the results? Unlike many competitive products, CM evolveIT resolves all of the “unique” code semantics found in large legacy systems. CM evolveIT has parsed over a billion lines of COBOL code and is aware of the many compiler version differences that exist in the IBM and ANSI standards.

Management benefits of using CM evolveIT:
  • Enterprise Class Repository
  • Increase the agility of Mainframe applications
  • Reduce Risks (Project, Operational, Compliance)
  • Enhanced Decision Making for maintenance, rationalization and migration activities
Project benefits of using CM evolveIT:
  • Accelerate Project Timelines
  • Reduce Software Defects
  • Increase Staff Flexibility
  • Fewer Test Cycles
Developer/Analyst Benefits of using CM evolveIT:
  • Build documentation as analysis is completed
  • Analyze relationships of application elements
  • Accurate, Detailed, Consistent Documentation
  • Identify missing source and obsolete source
  • Live Documentation – control and data flows
  • Detailed Impact Analysis
  • Predefined/ custom graphical and text reports
  • Improve Maintenance Change Quality
  • Automated repository refresh

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