The CM First service group has resources with the “real world” experience managing and implementing technology change. Whether it is a one key expert armed with CM evolveIT, a comprehensive set of documentation or an entire project team, CM First services can provide your organization the right people and tools for the job.

People, Process and Tools

The user community is usually quite knowledgeable of the business process, screens, reports and data they interact with every day.  The IT application support staff is familiar with the system process.  Combining the two knowledge sources however, can be extremely difficult and  can create unnecessary tension between the business community and IT analysts.

CM First’s unique methodology and technology enables us to combine the captured business perspective and integrate that knowledge into the code analysis results.   Our IT analysts use CM evolveIT to generate convenient diagrams that can be effectively shared improving communication between IT and the business.  Our tools substitutes data aliases to esoteric data field names adding further “business meaning” and consistency to the diagrams for even more clarity.

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